Publication Juan Allende-Blin in Dialog

Verlag Klaus-Jürgen Kamprad, Altenburg, Germany


Born in Santiago de Chile in 1928 composer Juan Allende-Blin has lived in Germany since the early 50s making a key contribution to New Music with his compositions, concerts and lectures. As part of a book project supported by the EvS Music Foundation musicologists Christian Esch and Frank Schneider will create the publication in dialog form after conversations with the composer. A prime focus here will be the composition development of this committed and critical contemporary witness of music history since 1945, his research and practical projects on exile music as well as encounters with key protagonists in New Music. At home in three languages, Allende-Blin looks back on an incomparably wide field both east and west and a large European-American horizon of international contacts.


Publication year: 2016

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