Rebecca Saunders
Berlin 2019
© EvS Music Foundation



Flesh for solo accordion (2018)

Hauch (2018)

Metal Bottle Necks study for e-guitar (2018)

Metal Bottle Necks solo for e-guitar (2018)

dust for solo percussion (2017/18)

O Yes & I for soprano and bass flute (2017–18)
Text from James Joyce’s Ulysses, Molly Bloom’s monologue

O for soprano solo (2017)
Text from James Joyce’s Ulysses, Molly Bloom’s monologue

Unbreathed (2017)

Yes a spatial performance for soprano, 19 soloists and conductor (2016/17)
Text from the final chapter of Ulysses, Molly Bloom, by James Joyce

Bite for solo bass flute (2016)

Skin for soprano and 13 instruments (2015–16)

White for double bell trumpet solo (alternative instrumentation: trumpet in C, single bell)
(2015, rev. 2016)

Six for AK for two percussionists, piano (two players), guitar (steel strings) and harp (2015)

Aether for bass clarinet duo (2014–16)

Alba for solo trumpet and symphony orchestra (2014)

void for percussion duo and orchestra (2013–14)

...of waters making moan for solo accordion (2013)

shadow study for solo piano (2013)

Solitude for solo violoncello (2013)

Fletch for string quartet (2012)

Ire concerto for violoncello, strings and percussion (2012)

dialogue for viola and percussion (2011)

Still – extended choreographic version concerto for violin solo, symphony orchestra, dancers and conductor (2011/16)

Stasis – collective a spatial collage for 23 musicians (2011–16)
Enlarged new version of Stasis (2011)

Stasis II quartet for trumpet, oboe, percussion and piano (2011–14)

Neither for two double bell trumpets (2011)

Stasis a spatial collage for 16 soloists (2011)

Still for solo violin and orchestra (2011)

Stirrings for nine players (2011)

Caerulean for solo bass clarinet (2010/11)

Stratum for orchestra (2010)

to and fro for violin and oboe (2010)

Fury II concerto for solo double bass and ensemble (2009)

murmurs collage for ten players (2009)

disclosure for bass clarinet (doubling clarinet), trumpet, trombone, piano and violin (2008)

Stirrings Still II for six players (2008)

company for five soloists (counter tenor, trumpet, violoncello, accordion and electric guitar) (2007/08)

Soliloquy for six voices a cappella (2007)

traces for orchestra (2006/09)

a visible trace for eleven soloists and conductor (2006)

Stirrings Still for five players (2006)

Blue and Gray for two double basses (2005)

fury for double bass solo (2005)

rubricare for string orchestra and baroque organ (2005)

crimson for piano solo (2004/05)

blaauw solo for double-bell trumpet (2004)

Choler for two pianos (2004)

miniata for solo piano, solo accordion, choir and symphony orchestra (2004)

chroma for 12–16 performers (2003–13)

Subsequent versions of chroma:
chroma II 2003 | chroma III 2005 | chroma IV 2006 | chroma V 2006 | chroma VI 2006 | chroma VII 2007 | chroma VIII 2008 | chroma IX 2008 | chroma Xa 2008 | chroma Xb 2008 | chroma XI 2008 | chroma XII 2010 | chroma XIII 2010 | chroma XIV 2010 | chroma XV 2011 | chroma XVI 2011 | chroma XVII 2012 | chroma XVIII 2013 | chroma XIX 2013 | chroma XX 2017

insideout music for a choreographic installation (a collaboration with the Sasha Waltz Dance Company) (2003)

vermilion for clarinet in Bb, electric guitar and violoncello (2003)

albescere for twelve instruments and five voices (2001)

cinnabar double concerto for solo violin and solo trumpet, ensemble, eleven music boxes (1999)

dichroic seventeen (1998) for two percussionists, piano (two players), guitar (steel strings) and harp

Quartet for clarinet, accordion, piano and double bass (1998)

String Quartet (1997)

Duo for Violin and Piano (1996, rev. 1999)

G and E on A for orchestra and 27 music boxes (1996/97)

Into the Blue for clarinet in Bb, bassoon, percussion, piano, violoncello and double bass (1996)

Molly’s Song 3 – shades of crimson for alto flute, viola and steel-stringed guitar with
four radios and music box (1996)

Molly’s Song 1 – crimson for 12 soloists, mechanical metronomes, whistles and three music boxes (1995)

Mirror, mirror on the wall for solo piano (1994)

the underside of green for clarinet in Bb, violin and piano (1994)

Behind the Velvet Curtain for trumpet, piano, harp and violoncello (1991)


Future Works:

Either/Or for trumpet duo (2017/18)
Nether for soprano and 19 players (2017–19)
Ensemble work for 17 players (2018–19)
Stirrings Still III for Afl, Ob, Cl in A, Crotales, Db, Pf, Perc (2006/19)
Trio for saxophone, percussion and piano (2019)
Work for soprano and electronics (2018–20)